1. Gentle Rape

From The Recordings Html


Let me tell you what I can do for you
It's what I'll do all your life, survivors are few
Devote your life to me, I'll give you time to sleep
You gotta be well-rested so you can serve me

I'll fuck you over like gentle rape

Populations rise and fall, don't give it a second thought
Alienation is the goal, or so that's what you've been taught
Blame the system/blame the game, like a walking cliche
Act like you don't have a choice in the role that you play

And fuck you over like gentle rape

Like so many other things, the truth lies in-between
Obligations from above push on us tyranny
Our choices also bind us, designate a certain road
Circumstances do remind us, agency is not a hoax

It'll fuck you over like gentle rape