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  1. Get Through This

From the recording Paintings

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Don't feel you can't go astray
With what you have to prove
People fake it every day
It's what they're bound to do
Things don't go away
Sometimes you have to choose
People think they know all things
That's what I'm telling you

Fear I can't get through this now

Someone searching for the pain
Can't be very good for you
Will you change or be the same?
Whichever good would do
Narrow minds will play their games
It's what they're bound to do
Will you endure or will you break
When all eyes are on you?

Fear I can't get through this now

Things won't go far away
If they're not done with you
Just keeping up with things today
Can be so hard to do
Difficult thoughts, they may invade
They're bound to make you blue
The journey's not just yours to take
On this moral coil route

Fear I can't get through this now

Self-righteousness is all the rage
Integrity in few
Unfounded outrage found in spades
And empty platitudes
But those with cred ain't going away
They'll rise to the top with you
'Cause evil only wins today
Tomorrow it will lose

Feel I can get through this now