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One by one
Each after the other
They line up joyously to be ripped asunder
Forgetting all reason
And reason to wonder
They reach their conclusion
Like sheep to slaughter

Never thinking twice
"What happened to my brother?"
Revolt weighs hazy
"Oh well, why bother?"
Silence is the law
Not a word they utter
Still, one by one they go
Like sheep to slaughter

As callous as this may be
No one is the wiser
They refuse to see
Their leader's a liar
Fear fueled by rumor
But their faith goes farther
All the while oblivious
Like sheep to slaughter

Their whole lives, a maze
Amazingly plundered
Kept busy to ignore
The spell they're under
Life flies by
Reality hits harder
Not until the fateful swing
Do they see
Do they see
Do they see...
Like sheep to slaughter