1. Born Silver

From the recording Consumed by the Fire

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I know I can't lie to you
But I know this to be true
This life I am wandering
I can find no one, nothing

Existence, a trap door
And I don't want it anymore
Love this place, hate these times
No wonder why

I can't find
Peace of mind

Sent here by forces beyond
Hope was my friend now she is gone
Can anyone feel my anguish?
To be free is my only wish

I wore my heart on my sleeve
It meant so little to me
Just like arm patches people bear
Not to protest, just to wear
Very little meant anything
But then a reason for everything
True wisdom and pure beauty
I wonder why

Now I know what it was all for
Dress rehearsal before the show
It was all just leading to you
I found my life

I found my
Peace of mind

You are my
Peace of mind