1. Just For Today

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Falling, crawling, crying
It's all that I am
Hello fellow ongoing woes
I'll do what I can
Out there, who'll care?
The answer's a living nightmare
These things, hauntings, grappling
They tell me it will change
Hello, willow., Going my way?
I'm on my way home
But where is home?
When you're alone?
Someday I'll know.
Someday I'll know.
But not today.

Sunny night, what is the time?
Whatever it is I can make it rhyme.
I won't deny I crossed some line
But I don't know how
And I don't know why
Can I make it up
And change some stuff?
If that could be done
Would it be enough?
Don't know what I've done
Have I done something wrong?
Must I be shunned?
I guess I must
Give me a key for what I need
An antidote for all this
Shit I breathe
Stars are scars
Scars of God
The devil's lost
But at what cost?
Just for today?

What are these fears?
How did they appear?
Are they gone?
Are they still here?
One needs something real
To know how one feels
Live by the sword
Or live by the shield?
One is a curse and one should come first
You live by one
You die by one
Easier said, said than done
There is no cure-all for everyone
Am I holy?
Or is that for
The One and Only?
Finally, you find me
Take me in your arms
And hold me
Just for today