1. I See It Blind

From the recording Consumed by the Fire

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The words won't come
But I know they're mine
Just seeking a shift
In paradigm
Nonsense when
The thoughts won't bind
And here you are
Though I don't know why
I'm wanting you
Not like before
You give what you got
But I want more
I see it all I see it high
I see it blind

Like a leopard's spots
I can't change mine
I'm a broken boy
With a man inside
Indulgence has gotten me
What I like
But not what I need
Someone to confide
Strength where it's worthless
Weakness besides
Fear I will fail
What's in my sights
Seeing you there
I want to hold you tonight
I see it blind

Can I offer you
Something that won't bite?
Want to give you the world
Yet I take what's not mine
You can ask me to go
But my heart's staying here
That's not very clever
But I think I'm clear
You got a hold on me
I just can't shake
Can't stop thinking of you
And I'm starting to ache
You might throw me away
And you'd be justified
I see it blind